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About Us

Our Focus

We believe the collaborative approach is the right approach for the next seven generations.


About Us

Arrowhead Incubator Inc., (AHIN)

is a Native Non-Profit 501(c)3 was developed and created by a small group of forward and innovative thinking tribal entrepreneurs and business experts in 2019. Located in Traverse City, AHIN is centered at the heart of Indian Country in Michigan and serves as one of few Native American focused economic and business incubators.

Our Purpose

It is the mission and purpose of Arrowhead Incubator Inc., to empower Native American industry, employment, and small businesses for the social and economic advancement of present and future tribal generations and communities. Utilizing a proactive and synergetic approach, as our duty, Arrowhead Incubator Inc., delivers economic and social expertise and networking. Working directly with tribal and non-tribal units of government, industry, and organizations, Arrowhead Incubator’s purpose is to provide economic and social assistance that educates, innovates, supports, and elevates tribal communities.

Through industry formulation, advancement and design, and fostering tribal and private/public sector relationships within tribal communities and those beyond, it is our directive to address and create solutions towards Native American economic and social development.

Our Mission

Empowering Native Americans for the social and economic advancement of present and future
generations and communities.

What we do Our Expertise

Education & Mentorship

Providing business education mentorship and support to promote and foster self-sufficiency and economic stability, growth, and retention in tribal communities which increases earning potential and facilitates community growth.
Since many tribal lands are checkerboard or tribal people reside outside of reservation or services areas, helping tribal entities or people supports economic and social stability throughout and fosters cross-communal benefits. Furthermore, efforts and assistance towards the success of tribal business entities create a top-down trickle where the advancement of one individual often leads to the support and advancement of others.

Consultation & Mediation

Providing consultation and mediation for tribal entities and those entering business transactions with tribal entities to facilitate a collaborative pathway between sovereignty and industry.
This reduces potential risks and helps streamline economic and social projects in a more efficient and effective way. In particular, AHIN will assist tribal businesses and industry entities in navigating the complex federal, state, commercial and tribal contracting arena.

Volunteers & Expertise Sharing

AHIN may provide internships or expert volunteer opportunities and services which will provide opportunities for involvement in outreach activities and programs in order to have a greater impact for change. Most importantly, many of these opportunities will involve tribal and non-tribal relations or opportunities. This allows for the establishment of a more dynamic incubator—the more variables of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, often leads to higher rates of success and all-inclusive outcomes.
One of the activities that volunteers may be involved in is basic education or open to the public lectures on topics such entrepreneur financial workshops, doing business with tribal/non-tribal entities, or similar open to the public educational programs. Many of these activities will be designed towards a free and all-inclusive approach whenever possible. Similarly, when applicable and warranted, research conducted will be shared to the general public and other agencies. This strengthens AHIN’s four pillars and creates an atmosphere where information, communication, support, and collaborative dynamics can meet specific and unique circumstances often found within indigenous communities and other realms of poverty.

Distribution to Other Organizations and Individuals

AHIN shall not fundraise for any specific organization and is not organized solely to contribute or fund raise for any specific entity.
However, it is the intention of AHIN to support and aid Native entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities, or other non-profits, programs, projects, or institutes that support native communities in some way.
Providing start-up expertise, education, training, and other workplace support provides the leg-up for the development of new and innovative tribal industries that create careers and advancement opportunities for tribal and non-tribal community members. Such activities will only occur if the contribution or assistance further our exempt status, with the objective of empowering Native American industry, employment, and small businesses for the social and economic advancement of present and future tribal generations and communities.